The 3Doodler is quite a fun little tool for artists and crafters of various skill levels, and has a great deal of possible applications in the realm of arts and crafts, including but definitely not limited to: textured “paintings,” hanging decorations, hair accessories, usable decorative containers, making miniature models of buildings and landscapes—used for anything from display, to play as children's toys, to use in tabletop miniatures games, and much more.


If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a 3doodler yourself, having such a versatile tool in your hands, it can be difficult to know where to start. We're here to give you a few ideas for fun projects to try with the 3doodler for a variety of skill levels, to inspire you, motivate you, and get those creative juices all warmed up.


Textured “Paintings”


Let's start with one of the simpler kinds of projects the 3doodler can enable you to create. Have you ever seen paintings where large globs of paint are sticking up from the canvas to create texture?

The 3doodler makes it a trivial task to do the same with your drawings. Just use the 3doodler as you would a pencil or pen, draw a picture, making sure not to leave much, if any, empty space, and then add texture! You could add a bunch of dots on a small bush to make it look like it's sticking out of what would otherwise be a “flat” looking drawing, or you could let the distant horizon sink into the distance by adding extra layers to the foreground, but not the background, creating depth.

Try it for yourself and see what kinds of scenes you can bring to life with 3d details.

Fridge Magnets

Another relatively simple idea is to use the 3doodler to crate fun, textured magnets for your fridge. Simply doodle whatever your heart desires, and either use the hot plastic to stick to a magnet, or use a few dabs of super-glue (just be sure not to get the super-glue anywhere near the 3doodler itself if you do! It could cause all kinds of clogging issues).

Building and Terrain Models

And finally, one of the more ambitious applications for the 3doodler, you can create dioramas, miniature buildings, and doodle up entire fully three-dimensional miniature landscapes, with trees, mountains, rivers, you name it. It's hard to give any concrete tips in a short article like this one, but here's a few ideas to jump-start your imagination: try making a replica of an existing or historical building.

Try making a decorative “bonsai” tree made out of 3doodler plastic (it would make a great conversation starter!). Try building a custom designed castle or fort. In general, just pick an idea, let your imagination run wild, do some 2-D sketches before pulling out the 3doodler to get a clear idea of what it'll look like, and don't be afraid to try again and again; as many times as it takes! The 3doodler's plastics last a long time, and a little goes a long way, so don't be discouraged if you end up having to scrap part of or an entire project; just try, try again.

Practice makes perfect!