Out-of-Stock & Backorders

Out-of-Stock & Backordered Items:
We make every effort to keep all items in stock, as well as accurate online inventory status of them.  However from time to time ordered items may not be available for immediate delivery, or may be inaccurately represented in our online inventory system.  Items that are out of stock or unavailable at the time of purchase, may be backordered and shipped separately.  Backorders are usually shipped within 1-2 weeks, or as soon as they become available,via most appropriate method.  Note, there is only one shipping charge per order, so additional shipments for backordered items are at no charge to you.
If an item is not expected to be available within up to 3-4 weeks after the purchase date, the item will be invoiced as “out of stock” and a refund for the cost of the item will be issued to the customer. These out of stock items can be reordered when they become available.
Under rare and special circumstances, to avoid multiple shipments, we may reserve the right to ship your order complete once the backorder arrives.  However customers will be consulted with on how they would like to proceed with their order in these situations. 
From time to time, in an effort to make sure your order arrives in a timely and satisfactory manner, our in-house inventory specialists may offer our customers the option to substitute an item in color, size or style.  This is sometimes done to make sure orders arrives in a timely manner, and that customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.  In the case of such, customers will be contacted for approval if substitution is an option.  The substituted item will always be of equal or greater value.
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