Fabric (Covered) Elastic is another popular type of elastic cord used in crafts, jewelry-making, accessories and apparel. This kind of stretch cord is characterized by the fabric material (either cotton, polyester, or nylon) which covers the stretchy elastic core. It is great for stringing larger beads, like craft beads and wood beads, which often have larger holes. The thickness of this elastic can make knots a little bit harder to hide. However, since the material that covers the elastic often comes in a variety of colors and styles, Fabric Elastic is great for making jewelry or accessories where the material is part of the finished design.

2MM Cotton Elastic Purple (72 Yards)

Item #:
Unit Sold:
72 Yards
Product Description
2MM Cotton Elastic
Additional Information
Unit Sold72 Yards
Color FamilyPurples/Lavenders
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