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  • Project: Amazonite, Buddha & Hamsa Charm Bracelet
  • Project: Fine Metal Tube & Leather Bracelet
  • Project: Rhinestone & Ribbon Headband
  • Project: Hamsa Charm &  Wood Bracelet
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Inspired by one of our long-time customer Cru, we have put together a listing (available here) for all the supplies you need to make Gospel bracelets, also known as Salvation bracelets. Customers can customize how many packs of each pony bead they would like, as well as the type of cord used.

The 3Doodler is the  perfect gift for any crafter or jewelry designer in your life! Build 3D sculptures, or designs that can be transformed into jewelry by attaching earring hooks or a bail to hang from a necklace. Check it out here.

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